Hello world!

Hello Planet!!!

You are different. You are more perfect. You are….reborn!

I am on a mission!!!

That Mission: Educate and Annihilate!!

I wish to EDUCATE my friends, families, community and all of those who wish to learn how to prevent and treat diseases and conditions through a holistic view with a focus on nutrition and exercise.

I wish to ANNIHILATE all the powers that be, who are responsible for making us sick, addicted and one step closer to the coffin for profit as well as all of those “I cant’s” that may be floating around between your ears.

Now, do not get me wrong…I am not a vigilante who walks around mad all day with a picket sign covered in hemp on a unicycle (which are cool btw). I am just someone who cares a lot about people and our planet. I do not particularly care for big business profiting off of our insecurities and vulnerabilities leaving us self-defeated, ashamed and sick. Through this blog, I hope the essence of my company, BemeFit, is conveyed.

Love God and love people  to help create harmony and a balance within oneself and the community.

I appreciate your time for reading!!!! Planks!



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