Microwaves are just blah :(

I did it! I finally did it. It was time. I mean really. All through elementary school and middle school. Even through high school and especially college!!!! Heck, all the way passed that! It was with me in Germany for all of that time. It followed me to Arizona. All of my friends and family were on it as well. My kids liked it, buuut not as much for me because it really helped me in a pinch.
But, you know…..it was starting to become that old thing that you used to use and love until the day it was used a little bit less. A little less. Annnd a little lessss. And now, it is just in the way and pretty much not even functional anymore like some that ole ( fill in blank).
Sooooo….yesterday, I threw out the microwave! No longer will it be in my life or my kids.
As I am diving deeper into my holistic health and nutrition school the subject of microwaved food has come up…..so funny. As a kid, i always remembered someone saying…”Dont stand too close to the microwave…..radiation!!!!!!!) I was like…makes sense and not until recently did I even think of……”Wait, its smart NOT to stand in front of it, but its ok to eat what came out of it?????” I even told my kids not to stand in front of it, but served them what came out of it!!!! I feel ashamed. Well, let me not be to hard on myself…I feel uninformed.
Scheck this quote out fro Daverick Leggit:
“Recent research has also revealed that microwaved food suffers
severe molecular damage and when eaten causes abnormal
changes in human blood and immune systems3. My own
observation is that regular microwave users almost My own almost invariably
show signs of blood deficiency.” Daverick Leggit Journal of Chinese Medicine.

E True Story: The microwave was sitting by the door awaiting its departure. This, before I read the quote above. Creak goes the computer chair. I rise. I look at it….eyes full of determination. I take action out the front door and down the stairs. Instead of saying thanks buddy for everything you have done….holding back the tears and playing back late night snack memories…. I remained intact…tough. Made it. Standing by the dumpster. No regrets as I pull out my six shooter, cock back and POW! Cue the Little House on the Prairie Music…fade to black……and then back to light again…in my apartment, me all 🙂  and my son all -_-.

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