I LOVE chicks!

A whooooollllllleeeee lot! I used to love them for delicious things they had to offer me either when they were still young spring chicks, or a more seasoned vet!

Such things included:

Fried Chicken, Wings (especially during football season), Grilled Chicken Breast, Garlic Chicken, Chicken Patties (in college), Chicken Enchiladas (oohhh bbbeeeiii daaaahhhh….delicious), etc.

Now I dig chicks for a whole other reason. They are the underdog and the ones who get bullied. Who doesn’t like an underdog and who likes bullies? After watching a documentary called Vegucated yesterday, I saw some pretty horrific things. Now, I know you know our meat gets mistreated and the conditions of the birds aren’t up to par and if you don’t, you still may have noticed all the chicken products that are now labeled “Free Range” and “Cage Free”. Well, I happened to both know about the treatment of our meat including chicken thanks to such documentaries like Food Inc. I have also done research on the topic. This is what drove me to only buy the what seemed to be better choice, meaning “cage free” and “free range”. Uh ohhh, what is he goign to tell us?!?!?!?!?

Nothing…if we are talking about the litigation to where those labels are legally allowed to be placed upon the packaging. For that, I invite you to do you own research. What I am goign to talk about is what made me start my first day of trying to go Vegan today. That documentary opened my eyes to not only cruelty of animals and the chicks, but what happens to the male chicks (they cant be used for eggs). Wanna know? Glad you asked.

They get dumped by the hundreds into a huge mechanical grinder…(alive!) Yup. What happens to the meat after? I don’t know, they didn’t show it. Perhaps nothing, just innocent slaughter…..or maybe they end up becoming chicken goo that can be used in nuggets, or fillers that can be found in chicken patties? I haven’t researched it, but the assumption is enough and witnessing chicks getting grinded alive was enough for me.

So, I have decided to give goign Vegan a try. I will document my first 30 days. I want to see how it effects my workouts, moods, clarity, family interaction (single dad to a 14 year old boy of whom I have to cook for), cravings, withdrawals, etc.

I am not doing this to lose weight, although a plant based diet that includes beans, grains and legumes will make you lose weight. I am actually going to attempt to put on 10 pounds of muscle and lower my body fat into the single digits (1 – 3 month period). Let’s see how it works out. I am also going to do my part in what I call non-violence to animals and help the planet at the same time 🙂

Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “I LOVE chicks!

  1. Starting a Vegan diet is something hard to do. You have to be very disciplined to maintain this strict diet. But I do hear it is a very healthy way to go. I, too, have seen documentaries about the mistreatment of animals including chickens. I’ve seen this one incident where the chickens were hanging upside down and the workers just pull their heads off while they were still alive-HORRIBLE! Anyway, Good luck with the Vegan diet and if you have any vegan recipes, please share.

    • YES, i know it is…it takes tremendous discipline, but I ma up for the challenge. My biggest challenge will be cheese and always having ot cook. I dont want to eat processed versions of food i was used to that is labeled vegan. Ex: Things that taste like chicken, beef, etc. Just want to eat veggies, whole grains, nuts, legumes, beans, rice, breads, etc…thanks for reading!!!!!

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